Petticoats – Underwear or Wonderwear?

All eyes were on Henrik Stinson as he stripped down to only Bjorn Borg white boxer briefs and golf glove to hit his golf ball out of a muddy section of the course on Friday. Claiming that the mud would have made a huge mess of his clothing, Stinson then decided to get down to basics rather than risk playing the rest of the round in muddy clothes. Stinson stated it was worth stripping down to save an extra shot and does not regret the unusual approach. Bloggers questioned the legality of playing without clothes as there are very particular rules for dress in golf. However, the circumstances were considered such that the necessity far outweighed any questioning of rules. Blogs erupted: with mostly positive comments of his physique. This is important considering his chosen sport is not noted for its athletic, toned participants. But the all apparent question of one blogger was: “Whiteys? Who wears whiteys anymore?” Considering, the world wide response to the occasion and the notable physique modeling the Bjorn Borg “whiteys”, it's likely that plenty will soon be wearing whiteys to be just like Stinson. Although no formal agreement or contract exists between Stinson and Bjorn Borg, the serendipitous benefits to both sides cannot be argued. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

First of all, you will need to treat silk gently. Dry cleaning women's silk underwear is no longer absolutely necessary, though. This is especially true when it comes to such delicates as women’s silk underwear, which can easily be hand washed. Believe it or not, no special detergent is necessary for silk either. Ordinary hair shampoo is considered to be one of the best things to use when washing silk underwear. This means that you can easily wash and rinse out your silk undergarments when you travel.

Back seam is a very important issue for most of the men. This seam will create a wedgy feeling. Most men don't like sitting on top of a back seam throughout the day. Most of the designer underwear don't have back seam. Instead, they have a gusset design to shape the garment.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable on whatever they wear in their body. Especially if it’s the inner garment, you don’t want to be seen feeling uncomfortable with yourself especially among your peers. That’s why it’s important that when you go to purchase Men Underwear you choose carefully the fabric that it’s been made off. This applies to a Girl Panty as well. Different variety of Mens Wear and Panties India will come in different fabrics. So the question most people ask is which will be the best fabric for the Underwear? And what will be the advantages of one fabric over the other? The most important thing when choosing an undergarment will be comfort and how well it breathes. If you are looking for Underwear in India you will want to choose a fabric that does not cling on you.